Welcome To Upstate CNC Service, Inc.

We have been in the custom wood cabinet business for 25 years. We don't just run machines, we work with wood by hand and know all of its secrets. The machines just help us do a more accurate job and increase the quality of our work.

We take great pride in our work and look forward to going to work every day for the next great project. Our goal is to make every customer excited about their project and give them the best product their money can buy. We strive for perfection in our work, and enjoy the word of mouth advertising that true quality gets for us.

Upstate CNC Service, Inc. was started because we were looking for a better way of cutting wood and plastic for our cabinet making business. We found that the CNC machine could cut our parts faster, more accurately, and ultimately less expensively than conventional methods. We are so impressed by the machine's results that we would like to offer the same advantages we now have to you! Let us cut your hardwood, plywood, or plastic parts and ship them to you ready to finish. We are commited to making you a lifetime customer.

Please call and see what we can cut for you.

Thank you for your interest.
Tom Farmer